Application: Oxygen [APPROVED]

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Application: Oxygen [APPROVED]

Mensagem  SuperC17 em Dom Set 13, 2009 12:12 am

1. Personal information

Name: Marco

Date of birthday : 23/02/1986

Nacionality: Portuguese

Contact Methods :

Ocupation: administrative (worker)

2. Preferences

Nickname: Oxygen

Favorite Class: Cleric

Versatility (are you able to change your class): Why not?
Gaming Style: PvPvE , Suporter

3. Schedule

Time Zone: GMT 0

Play Time Weekly: 20-30 hours

Monday to Friday: 19h to 00h
Saturday&Sunday: don't know yet but at minimum 5hours/day

Study/Work since: 8.30 to 17.30

4. Motives

Why Vanguard?: Im one of the founders

What do you expect from Vanguard?: Bunch of friends killing elyos Very Happy

What do you think as perfect clan?: that don't exist

Do you know anyone from Vanguard?: fuZ, Poison

Someone from Vanguard can recommend you? fuZ, Poison tongue

5. Previous experience

Make a list of your previous MMO and experience during that: cabal (2months), Silkroad (3years), other games I just tested

Characters during your MMORPG experience (links for armory or screenshots can help): PT_MV (Rogue/Cleric - char not mine, I sell it in the midlle of farm,but I bought the actual set)

Clans you played before Vanguard (List only the most importants): Hypnoze and Blizzard

Why you left those clans?: Hypnoze migrated to Redsea server and I could not join them
Blizzard I left game

Progress/ achievements obtained playing MMORPGs:
*Hypnoze: best thief guild on server(good times poison sunny)
*Blizzard: best trader union on servera and fortress owner

6. System

CPU:AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3500+
2.20 GHz Performance Rated at 3.50 GHz

System RAM:3.0 GB

Graphic Card:NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT

Do you have Microphone:Yes
Will you use Legion Voice Program:Yes

Do you want to improve your computer or get a new one:maybe in Christmas



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