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Mensagem  Master em Dom Set 13, 2009 1:53 am

Open Beta Notes
Loginand server select lag should be resolved. This is one of the majorreasons for pushing this update to ensure it is resolved for live.

1. The mouse will now turn the character (not the camera) when holding down both mouse buttons.
2.Territory specific files are now in place to prepare for multiplelanguages. Please ensure your launcher is set to the correct territoryunder settings.
3. Updated support and errors links throughout the game.
4. Servers are now labeled appropriately for their region or language.
5. Our language filter is now fully operational. ******in’s can now freely talk about their cl***

1. Bow Attacks 10%, Critical Hit +100 have been added to the Ranger’s “Speed of the Wind” skill.
2.The duration time of the Sorcerer’s “Sleeping Storm” skill has beenchanged from 10 seconds to 20 seconds and it increases all elementaldefense.
3. Sorcerer’s “Sleeping Storm” skill casttime has been changed from 2 seconds to 1 second, the coo-time has beenchanged from 2 minutes to 3 minutes as well.
4. It has been changed to be affected by the cast speed when using Sorcerer’s “Kaisinel’s Wrath” and “Lumiel’s Wrath” skills.
5. Spiritmaster’s “Enmity Swap” skill’s cool-time has been changed from 2 minutes to 1 minute.
6. Spiritmaster’s “Spirit Recovery” skill’s cool-time has been changed from 10 minutes to 3 minutes.
7.Spiritmaster’s “Summon Energy of Cyclone” The energy number appearedwhen using the skill has been changed from 3 to 4, the Accuracy hasbeen increased.
8. Spiritmaster’s “Armor Spirit”: 1000 of Magical Accuracy, Accuracy have been added to the Armor of Strengthening” skill.
09. Spiritmaster’s “Spirit Ruinous Offensive” skill’s cool-time has been changed from 1 minute 30 seconds to 1 minute.
10. The attribute and damage application method of Spiritmaster’s “Ignite Aether” and “Disenchant” skills have been changed.

- The basic damages happened when Boost Magic Skill and WeakeningMagic are deleted from the target has been decreased, but the damagewill increase according to the Magic

Boosting Power.
- It has been changed that, According to the defense attribute of the target, damage increases or decreases.
- Current skill tool time explanation is shown before the change, so please do not get confused.
11. Cleric’s “Grace of Empyrean Lord” skill’s cool-time has been changed from 5 minutes to 3 minute.
12. Cleric’s “Earth’s Wrath” skill damage has been strengthened.
13. Cleric’s “Summon Noble Energy” skill’s damage has been strengthened.
14. Cleric’s “Ripple of Purification” skill effect range has been changed from 10 meters to 20 meters.
15. 400 of Magic Resistance decrease has been added to the Cleric’s “Chain of Suffering” skill effect.
16. Chanter’s “Rage Spell” skill effect has been changed from its Recovery Skill Cast Time 50% increase to 20% increase.
17.Chanter’s “Blessing of Wind” skill duration time has been changed from20 seconds to 30 seconds, additional damage has been strengthened.
18. Chanter’s “Mountain Crash” skill damage has been strengthened, skill accuracy has been increased.
-Due to the current tool tip error, the damage in the explanation hasbeen lower than the actual damage, so please do not get confused.
19. New Skill: “Elemental Defense Increase I” for Sorcerer and Spiritmaster. (from purchasable Skill Book.)
20. New Skill: “Contract of Resistance I” skill available for Spiritmaster. (from purchasable Skill Book.)
21. Spiritmastercommands can now be used continuously. Effect now properly applies toSpiritmaster characters. Conflicting effects with “Spirit DetonationClaw” resolved.
22. Certain objects not immediately destroyed by “Disenchant” and “Ignite Aether” (Spiritmaster) skills has been addressed.
23. Skill book prices for Sorcerer and Spiritmaster decreased by 20%.
24. “Mountain Crash” (Chanter) skill changed to a long-range skill.
25. Clerics’ summon and resurrection skills now work properly when in the air or on slopes.
26. Forcedtransformation type skills, (such as the Sorcerer and Spiritmaster“Sleep” and “Fear “) are now not affected by the cast time
a. Sorcerer (Sleep, Tranquilizing Cloud, Sleeping Storm, Curse of Roots)
b. Spiritmaster (Fear, Fear Shriek, Curse of Fire, Curse of Water)


1. Abnormal character death while flying/gliding has been addressed. <a name="hdInstanced+Dungeon">
Instanced Dungeon

Contested Lands – Dredgion

1. When entry is unavailable, the entry request button will not show.
2. Some monsters can now detect Advanced Hiding.
3. Characters that leave the area by abnormal means (logging out, disconnected) now do not have reentry time applied.

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